About us

We are glad to introduce, "Bloomax Flowers" is one of the leading wholesale distributor of fresh cut flowers in Saudi Arabia. Our mother company, Ayman Samaren Group, is a well known name in Saudi Arabia, in the field of, Aluminum manufacturing, hospitality management, Real Estate, wedding halls, Industrial machinery supply, Hajj service, and so on since 1989. Our chairman Mr. Ayman Samaren is one of the directors in Madinah chamber of commerce and industry.

    (www.esra.com.sa- www.samaren.com) “Bloomax flowers’ provide extensive and exclusive range of fresh cut flowers, green leaves and other related items including accessories.


   Roses larger headed intermediate roses remain our core business. We work closely with rose breeders constantly developing new varieties that meet and hopefully exceed our customers’ expectations for long lasting beautiful flowers.

   These flowers are available in different types as well as colors. We have exclusive agreements for widest variety of fresh cut flowers from all over the world including,Holland,Ecuador,Colombia,America,South Africa, Kenya,Ethiopia,India,Egypt,Thailand,Sri Lanka and china.

    Where we shipped directly from the farm to the airport through refrigerated trucks Guarantee the safety of the product until access to the customer are in fresh and good condition.